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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4th 2010.

What a difference a month makes! Here is the garden in the first week of July:

Beautiful Calendula :

At the Gate, looking Left :

Onion flower and Pickling Cucumbers :

Eggplants :

The Monster Plants, 4 different types of Squash on one Mound. Could be too much. Maybe :

Looking to the Chicken Coop in the Back :

Catnip and a Hard Working Bee :

My parsley, nicely going to Seed for Me :

The Peppers. Maybe next year I won't plant quite as many plants of it. I say that every year. Like with the Squash. I have, oh, 9 plants :

The Chamomile looking Tall and Pretty. Highly attractive to toddlers :

The Tomato Wall of Sacramento :

Sunflowers and Artichokes, both Tall and Yummy :

That was long. Tomorrow I'll show the garden as it looks now. In the mean time I have to be at 2 places at the same time today. Twice. With a toddler who will have to shorten her nap after a bad night. Fun, fun. And I have only 3 children. And school hasn't started yet. And I have no idea what's for dinner. And whatever it is I'll have only 20 mns to cook it. Help.                                                                                           

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