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Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28.


I mostly helped my 10 year old on her project for school, a diorama...which should be looking really cool in a few days. and of course my one year old takes most of my time these days but tonight is my favorite early spring meal:

Chinese Kale, Pea Shoots and Eggs

Cut the kale and pea shoots bite size and fry ( in olive oil or bacon fat ) with new onions until tender, push the greens to the sides of the pan and cook eggs sunny side up in the center. Sprinkle with coriander or parsley.

Serve with thick slices of bread.

Both the kale and pea shoots are high in vitamin K and vitamin C and an excellent source of carotenoids ( which provides vitamin A ). Kale is also high in iron and calcium.

Full Moon Tonight!

Hello and Welcome

It has been a while that I've wanted to create a space to record the seasons and everything that happens in my household as I raise my 3 children and take care of 2 dogs, a cat, 4 chickens, a vegetable garden that feeds us all year long, while still continuing my herbalism studies.
I make medicines, my own cleaning products, cook from scratch ( for people and pets ) and I'm beginning to make my own beauty products as well. It would be useful to keep records of what works and what doesn't and I thought maybe other people would find it useful as well. A bit like these books that used to be in a lot of households in which women, and men sometimes, would record everything going on: gardening, recipes for medicines and cooking, how to clean and sew...The books were then given to the next generation who would add their own recipes and way of doing things. The same book would be kept and cherished for generations. A lot is being lost, people don't share the way they used to. I'm hoping that this place will become a virtual Almanack where people will feel free to share their knowledge. Everybody has knowledge to contribute... let it out!
I'll add a lot of features in the days to come... feel free to make suggestions :)