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Friday, March 5, 2010

March 4th.

A beautiful, sunny day today. The backyard is a total swamp though. It's going to take a while before all of that water is absorbed by the earth.
I made a cake today. The one I make a lot. A lot. Some might say too much, but is there such a thing as too much cake, mm?
This is a very easy old french recipe. It's actually at least a century old and I bet even more than that. Since my entire family still makes it that should say something. It has been the first birthday cake for all my children, even for my third who was sensitive to dairy and soy. I modify the recipe depending on what I have at home. I have even made it without eggs and it comes out perfect. You do not use measuring cups or spoons for it. Just use a regular glass ( mine holds 1 1/4 cup ). You can use a smaller or bigger glass, the only thing that will change is the cooking time. Be careful, if you go too big the edges and top of your cake willl brown too quickly and the inside won't be cooked. Split it into 2 baking dish instead.

Here is the original recipe:

The Simple Cake

Preheat the oven to 375 F

Mix 2 and a half glasses of flour
       1 and a half glasses of sugar
       3 tsps of baking powder
        a pinch of salt
        1 packet of vanilla sugar or 1 tbsp of orange flower water

Make a well and pour in the center:
         1/4 glass of oil (I use olive oil ) and 3/4 glass of milk
         2 eggs

Whisk together and put in a greased dish.

Here are some of the variations I have done:

Replace 1 glass of flour with 1 glass of almond meal
Replace the milk with hazelnut or oat milk
Replace the eggs with 4oz of pear or apple sauce for each missing egg
Replace the orange flower water with anise or almond extract
Add berries or fruit to the dough
Add a large handful of sliced almonds
Add 2 large handfuls of chocolate chips

Bake in the oven for 40 mns or until a knife in the middle comes out clean.


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