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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Friday, July 2nd 2010.

My two oldest children do not share my passion for gardening. I can usually bribe, coerce, order my children to help me set up the vegetable garden during their Easter vacation. Well, they help for ONE day. After that, well, maybe if I pay them. Maybe. My little one on the other hand is a future gardener and loves nature so there is hope yet.
But, but, when it is time to harvest fruit from our trees, suddenly everybody rushes outside and is eager to help.  They will even help make jams and pies and cakes. Wait a second.. .ah that must be it then: the sweet reward at the end.
And climbing the ladder.
Couldn't be that they want to spend time with their mother. Right.
But my baby girl... aaaah, you should have seen her face when she realized we were going to eat the many many pounds of plums.

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